Design sprint

From idea to validated concept within a week with as many relevant experts as possible during a pressure cooker session.

Design Sprint is a fast method of gathering information and learning without building and launching first.

What are the steps?

It begins by defining the problem. After the problem is defined, the method to solve the challenge is determined. There are six ways to solve the challenge.


The aim of the first phase is to gain an understanding of the product/project.

Diverge / Sketch

Everything is possible. Design Sprint participants must explore all possible solutions to their user problems.


Time to go through all the ideas and vote as a team on the best options.

Preliminary design

Prototyping and testing without investing a lot of time, money or resources.


Let the team learn different ways to design in a new form, but also hear each other’s points of view on their own designs.



160 years of digital marketing and advertising



Interactive data visualizations for a better world


Province of South Holland

New structure & design for

redcross case

Red Cross

Webshop for the Red Cross