160 years of digital marketing and advertising

Commercials that almost everyone knows. Old breweries in the historic center of Amsterdam, a private 19th century laboratory in Rotterdam where chemists managed to make a revolutionary ‘pure’ yeast for Heineken.

The history of multinational Heineken is rich in stories. And footage.

All this material has been collected on behalf of Freddy Heineken since the 1970s and has been managed by the Heineken Collection Foundation since 2008. This foundation approached Ability with the question of how history, Heineken or beer fans could view all this material online.

Duration: 2017 / Present

CMS: Concrete 5

Design tool: Figma / Sketch

API: Memorix 

Our solutions: Branding, prototyping, UX design and Website CMS

Collection and target group large and diverse

Heineken’s digital heritage – managed in a dedicated application – is enormous. From advertising and art, to photos and construction drawings of breweries. From physical objects, paper to audio and video. And because Heineken is one of the best-known brands in the world, the target group is immense: historians, students, avid beer fans.

Collection meets fans

It was soon clear that the new platform would be linked to the source application via an API. In a target group analysis – fortunately, a group like Heineken knows its customers very well – we identified 4 primary target groups.

The user experience design of the platform serves those 4 target groups and offers easy access to that immense collection. By making a prototype based on the design and testing it with users, we completed the design step by step.

The result

Together with our digital partner Smartshore, we have created a digital platform. Descriptions and images of the collection items are shown in the platform via a custom API. And with the help of an open source CMS, the Heineken Collection Foundation team can manage the platform.