Province of South Holland

The house style of the province of South Holland was given a complete makeover. And that is why got a new UX design and an improved structure. A major advantage: the province did not have to rebuild the technical basis of, the new design fits the existing platform like a glove. As a […]


Unesco, part of the United Nations, wants to fight poverty and promote peace, sustainable development and dialogue. Also by conducting research and collecting and publishing data. This is now possible interactively, responsively and from a ‘single source of truth’. Unesco supports education, science, culture and communication worldwide. They are perhaps best known from the Unesco […]

Heineken Commercials that almost everyone knows. Old breweries in the historic center of Amsterdam, a private 19th century laboratory in Rotterdam where chemists managed to make a revolutionary ‘pure’ yeast for Heineken. The history of multinational Heineken is rich in stories. And footage. All this material has been collected on behalf of Freddy Heineken since […]